Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Hello! - Life Update

I haven't updated this blog properly in a very long time simply because I have been writing and working elsewhere (my HuffPost blog, Mental health blog and various other outlets) currently my brother who does my web design is working behind the scenes to turn this blog into a website that collates all of my work and links to the other places I write all while still having a blog element to update everyone.

I am really excited with how it is looking! If you're on Facebook, be sure to go and give his page a 'like' as he has just started doing web design properly as a sideline business.

Even though the blog is still, well, a blog, I have missed writing on it so thought I would start updating it again while my brother works hard to get it how I want it. Seems a shame to let it go to waste!

So be sure to keep subscribed or follow me on social media to stay in the loop with what I have been up to and other projects I have working on.

Speak Soon x


Wednesday, 22 November 2017

This Blog Will Be Changing!

I am working with a web designer to make some HUGE changes to this blog in 2018 but because of what I want to do it will take time, please bear with me!

I am still active on my HuffPost blog so be sure to check it out!

And on social media:




I also have a Mental Health and Wellbeing blog I update from time to time called Headcaseblog.

For any enquiries email: nickikinickie@gmail.com

See you in 2018! xx

Friday, 12 May 2017

DECOR | Gallery Shelves

Gallery, Decor, Framed Prints, SS17, Home Interior, Home inspiration,

Gallery, Decor, Framed Prints, SS17, Home Interior, Home inspiration,

One thing I knew I wanted to do in our living room (I think before we had even moved in) was to create a stylish focal point using gallery shelves and framed prints.

Ever since discovering gallery shelves on Pinterest (the source of many of my ideas) I got a little bit obsessed with them and am not ashamed to admit that I have totally jumped onto this trend bandwagon. I think they look stunning, eye catching and sleek. I have seen people style them up in so many ways whether it is one long shelf positioned low and housing giant eye catching prints that take up the whole wall or a simple shelf housing family photos side by side. Some people add a few ornaments too.

I am sure I will play around with my arrangement and maybe even change some prints over time (I like the idea of a cluster of different sized prints) but for now I am very happy with how my gallery shelves look.


Top Shelf (L-R)
-We have a simple quote 'Be your own kind of beautiful' which I just love and totally believe everyone should be.
-Next is a simple Nordic Leaf Print to go with the 'urban jungle' themed living room.
-After that I have a black and white print with the definition of family.
-Lastly a 'London' print because London is close to our hearts having always been on our doorstep in   Essex and with it also being the city we got engaged in.

Gallery, Decor, Framed Prints, SS17, Home Interior, Home inspiration,

Gallery, Decor, Framed Prints, SS17, Home Interior, Home inspiration,

Bottom Shelf (L-R)
-'Marilyn Monroe' black and white photograph, anyone who knows me will know I love love LOVE this woman. Both the Hollywood persona and the intelligent, shrewd and witty woman behind the image. I have read countless books on her and this is one of my favourite photos of her so it had be involved.
-Another quote (which sadly because of the foil print doesn't show up too well) 'Make Yourself At Home' I loved this because I love having people over and spoiling them. I truly want people to feel at home in this house so what better way to say it than a framed print?
-Lastly (but not least) is my Nordic blue stag print. I love the nordic themed prints and this one caught my eye so I had to have it!

All of these prints were from eBay and really didn't cost a lot. The maximum one cost me was about £4.95 and they are 10 x 8 in size (aside from the two smaller ones which are 5 x 7). The frames were from Tesco, the larger ones were £7 each and the smaller ones were around £3. The shelves themselves were £8 each from Ikea so the whole thing from start to finish really didn't cost a lot.

Just under £50.

I know I could have spent more but we weren't in a position to when we first moved in and I wanted to get under way with decorating and making our house home. I don't think the style has been compromised though in all honesty.

What do think of these shelves and the prints I have chosen?

Gallery, Decor, Framed Prints, SS17, Home Interior, Home inspiration,

Gallery, Decor, Framed Prints, SS17, Home Interior, Home inspiration,