Thursday, 23 March 2017

LIFE | Savannah Turned Three.

My darling Savannah, I really cannot believe it but on 15 March you turned three years old. THREE. Where did those three years go? Other parents weren't kidding when they told me to absorb every moment because it goes so fast. I feel as though the older you are getting the quicker it is going. Suddenly your clothes look much larger and you make such grown up observations and comments. I can have full on conversations with you now and you really make me laugh.

You boss daddy about and enjoy dressing up in all of the various costumes in your dress up box. You love to play 'mummies and daddies' with your friend Skye at school and love being a mummy to your baby dollies which is just adorable to observe. You have such a big heart and kind soul but you are feisty and know your own mind too which I admire..

You want to learn to do things yourself and can do a hell of a lot yourself now. Just this morning you put your socks on yourself for the first time with no problem You love bringing your chair to the worktop in the kitchen and help me while I prep dinner. You also pretty much pour your own cereal and milk in the mornings (I still have to assist or the bowl would overflow!) You can get yourself undressed quite well, maybe struggling just a bit with tops and can get yourself out of your car seat now once you're unbuckled. You don't seem to be mastering tidying away all of your toys when asked though oddly....

I love how much you love the bunnies and how you wrap Peaches up with your blanket when she is asleep in the middle of the living room. You enjoy feeding them and stopping them chewing things they shouldn't be if mummy doesn't see them.

You were absolutely spoilt by your family and friends on your birthday and rightly so, I know you bring happiness to so many. Your bedroom is crammed to the rafters with toys despite the fact I went through there the week before and collected up toys for charity that you no longer played with.

I really hope you enjoyed your day and enjoyed beating mummy at ten pin bowling. I really hope you enjoyed your party with family and your beautiful birthday cake.

I hope you realise just how much you're loved and how proud we are of the gorgeous little girl you are growing into. Even if mummy does moan more now because you don't want to eat vegetables, only chocolate and refuse to let me brush your hair (and sometimes your teeth) or even if mummy is rushing us because we should have left the house ten minutes ago, it doesn't mean I don't love you with ever fibre of my being. I even love the drama deep down. OK, DEEP deep down.

Happy Third Birthday beautiful Savannah. He is to the next 12 months. Here is to watching you grow and learn even more.


Monday, 13 March 2017

PETS | The Bunnies Are Back!

CUTE: My bunnies chilling in our new home.
I have been so quiet on this blog over the last year  - 18 months and so much has happened that I don't even know where to begin really. I guess I will pick on really significant parts to do separate blog updates on but in a nutshell, we moved from our rented home in Essex into our first self owned home in Norfolk and in between those two homes, we lived with my mum for nine months because we bought a new build and had to wait for it to be bought (and save money!).

Anywhooo, I will talk about our big move in another post although it isn't the most amazing of stories but I can show you my favourite bits of our lovely home (which is exciting FYI).

The biggest thing with all this moving is our house rabbits. If you have followed me on social media or read my blogs for a while you will know we have two house buns called Bentley and Peaches. Well, they have been quite quiet on social media in recent months and that is because part of the agreement of staying at my mums was the bunnies had to live outside. I wasn't ever going to re-home them so that was the happy medium. I bought them a nice big hutch with a huge run underneath and that is where they lived for nine months. Then, in September last year we up sticks and moved again (driving nervous bunnies from Essex to Norfolk wasn't my favourite thing to do!) and because we had a new build with new carpets and optional extras we had paid out for we thought it best to keep them in their hutch outside.

The only problem was we hadn't opted to have out garden turfed. We want it done properly and set out how we plan so it is currently a garden of mud and when you move in Autumn and then Winter follows, you tend to have a lot of shitty weather. Our back garden has looked like a festival field ever since we moved in. To go and feed the bunnies I have had to wear wellies and I hated feeling as though I never saw them. I would literally go out to feed them and that was it. Because the garden is currently unusable I couldn't ever let them out to run around and it made me miserable.

So, they are back indoors! Where they belong!

With me.

While I was very nervous about it because, overall even though they are good bunnies, they are still animals and still chew things they shouldn't do, I just couldn't stand the idea of them being outside anymore. What was the point of having pets if I wasn't enjoying them? Once the garden is straight (which is our plan for the summer) they will be able to go outside once again (but still live indoors) and enjoy being in the fresh air however until then it is a mud heap out there so it's a no go (for any of us).

Anyway, they are back indoors. They have been good so far too and kind of slipped back into indoor habits really easily which is great despite a year living outside in a hutch. Now they are settled and have their bearings they are well behaved. We know they will chew and are willing to accept that and replace things if and when it happens. Important things such as wires are properly protected and things like curtains and side tables were bought cheap so worst case scenario; if they get damaged and can't be fixed they are easily replaceable and we aren't too precious.

We have yet to build them a permanent home but have plans for something under the stairs. Right now they have a little home in the living room until that's sorted. I love having their company again, I have really missed them. I know they don't make noises but they really are lovely animals and are loyal, friendly and lovable. They seem really happy to be indoors again too and have been binky-ing everywhere (bunny owners will know what that means)

Welcome home bunnies. x

NIGHT NIGHT: Savannah gave Peaches her blankey
while she slept. 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

LIFE UPDATE MARCH 17 | Where the Bloody Hell Have I Been?!


Long time no type. I really didn't expect to have such a long break from bloogging in fact I had wanted to really throw myself back into it in 2017 but obviously I have already failed for nearly the first quarter of the year.

A few little life hurdles got in the way but everything is getting back to normal again now (fingers crossed) so I am back to it.

In January I had to have a last minute operation on my eye after learning I had a detached retina! I had been seeing a weird light in my eye so decided it best to get it checked out with my Optometrist and they advised me to go straight to Moorfields A&E in London. They confirmed what my Optometrist feared; a detached retina and I was back in the next morning for surgery! The recovery for the first week was a bit hard going as I had to lay in certain positions all day and night to assist with healing. My mother in law came to stay which really helped me out a hell of a lot!

I finally got discharged from Moorfields this week and everything is healing nicely. I can also finally wear my contact lenses again after two months - yay!

WAITING FOR SURGERY: Hubby and me at Moorfields

Also, sadly, my husband got made redundant last month! As you can imagine it was all so very stressful but because he is amazing in his position and industry he had some brilliant job offers and a couple of interviews and literally one week to the hour (pretty much) of him being made redundant he accepted a new job role which he is really enjoying.

I am a huge believer in things happening for a reason, even if it doesn't seem clear at that moment in time. Sometimes life can be so stressful and times can be so trying but for all the terrible times we have we do have good ones too. As a new years resolution my family and I agreed we would all get a jar and write a note to put in it every time something good happened. Even if it was something silly, if it made us happy then we could write it down and put it in the jar then, on new years eve we open the jar and read all of the notes to remind ourselves of all the good things that have occurred over the last twelve months. Despite a little bit of a wobbly start to the year our jar already has quite a few notes in it, proving already that even when shitty stuff happens, good stuff does too. This jar idea is something I plan to do every year now. I kind of want to make it a family tradition and when Savannah is old enough to understand she can add her own notes too.

My jar of good things.
I hope everyone is well - I am back writing on my HuffPost Blog plus I am very VERY excited that my mental health blog is very nearly ready to go live thanks to my talented brother. I have also been asked to contribute to an awesome website called The Ambitionist. Please check it out, it is such a good website!

Hope all my lovely readers are well and I hope you are getting ready for Spring, I know I am!