Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Goodbye January Blues!

Not sure about anyone else but I think the January Sales have been FABULOUS this year! (and last year as I recall) definately made the January blues a little less painful....I feel quite sad that this month is now over in fact! Not that I have had alot of money to spend, which is why it has made my purchases all the more satisfying! I am guessing that the retailers are desperately trying to get people back into spending by enticing the public in with slashed prices.

I bought a gorgeous coral coloured jumper from TopShop, £45 down to £15, along with a gorgeous red jumper dress at £20 from £45. Both very comfy stylish items, that won't particularly go out of fashion due to their classic style.

I have also gone underwear crazy online at Ultimo.com who have given away some little bargains. I find Ultimo underwear so comfortable and gorgeous so was happy to find some sets in the sale were now under £20!

I have a little bit of advice that I always go by when Sale shopping, which maybe you would find useful (despite being a shopaholic, I have learnt from past mistakes of packing my wardrobe full of things that I had no intention of ever wearing)

Best thing to remember when Sale shopping I once read, is to ask yourself if you would really wear it or if it is just the low price that has tempted you? An old piece of advice yes, but so true! I always go with the original price too and question would I have actually paid that amount for the item? If the answer is NO WAY, chances are it will hang in your wardrobe with the sale tags still on.

Always try things on too as chances are, you won't be able to return it if you decide you don't like it or it doesn't fit.

Also, try and steer clear of buying 'trend' items that have ended up in the sale as chances are they are going 'off trend' and something else is hot on it's heels to replace for the next season. Therefore, again you probably won't end up wearing it!

Always try and take a friend too who's opinion you trust. You'll have a nice day out and also not end up wasting your hard earned money!

If you haven't had a chance to grab a bargain in the sales and have felt the January blues wallowing over you since new years day, hopefully the thought of February arriving tomorrow will make you feel a bit better. The arrival of Spring / Summer clothes in shops is always a nice thing too I think! A reminder that the longer, lighter days are on their way back - and so is the sun. (If only for a little while!)

Nicki xx

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