Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Hi All!

Welcome to my brand new blog...have been wanting to set one of these up for a very long time and give writing a go - so here it is! (hope it doesn't disappoint....me that is!)
Thought I would use my first post to tell you a bit about myself, what I like and what I will be blogging about.

Firstly,my name of course is Nicki, I am 27 and from Essex. I got married abroad last year and had the most amazing time! I recently became ill and had to leave work while I recover which is why I felt this was the time to give my writing a go.

I am a typical girl in the sense of loving shopping, make up and hair! I also love cooking and making new recipes, in fact I am currently trying to put together a cookbook.
I also am interested in daily topics, news and much more so am hoping this blog will have a bit of everything on here for everyone!

Thanks for having a look and I will update again soon!

Nicki xx

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