Tuesday, 28 February 2012


For those of you who are unaware of exactly what can be found on the internet, you will be amazed! With teenagers having access to the world wide web daily, anything is at their fingertips...and that is what is worrying.

Any young influencial girl (or boy) who is unhappy with their figure is able to access a horrifying world of thinspiration websites which shower them with endless (photoshopped) images of thin girls and advice on how to skip meals, suppress appetite and how to keep your actions hidden from family members.

Images of photoshopped stick thin women constantly grace fashion magazines and many female celebrities often make headlines due to shrinking frames and protuding bones, so no wonder young girls feel under pressure.

We are all different and yes, some women are slimmer than others and some women are curvier than others but all women (and girls) should embrace the shape they are.

Starving yourself and not eating the correct food groups seriously harms your long term health and organs. If you don't eat well or starve yourself your hair becomes brittle and falls out, your skin becomes sullen and your body slowly shuts down, to name just a few side affects.

As a natural curvy size 12, I have spent years hating my figure, all through my teens I wanted smaller boobs and through my early twenties whilst getting to my biggest weight of 13st I dreamt of being skinny with no hips or bust. My weight yo yo's all the time, and I feel as though I only have to look at a cake to put on weight but despite this and despite spending years hating my figure and it's ability to cling onto calories, I have now learnt to accept it, embrace it and even like it. I enjoy being curvy, I have given up trying to pull off outfits that were made to suit someone with a more slender figure and am becoming figure happy.

My extra stone I want to lose is exactly that - extra. I know what my 'happy weight' is, the weight where jeans don't seem so daunting and my pretty tops are less 'fitted' around the middle. My extra stone is what I like to think of as my stone of happiness, my extra marital hubba to show the nice meals I have had at restaurants, the yummy cakes my mum makes and romantic nights watching films with hubby, eating nachos.

Because I have been a lot bigger, I don't want to go there again. I hated how I looked and felt and of course, being overweight is not healthy in general. It is hard work though.

And because of how hard it is, I have started to celebrate the healthy figure with my 'Curves of the Day' section. Celebrating the natural female figure in it's many natural healthy forms.

So ladies, embrace your natural figure and love who you are!


Is this really beautiful.................?

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