Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Back to the dark ages!

Soooo, our Sky box has broken and there are no engineers free until tomorrow - this news was very upsetting to my husband last night as it was transfer window day!
I must admit, it has made me realise how much we rely on telly to entertain us. Am thinking this has to change!
Hubby is off today so we are going for a stroll down the seafront in the cold - something we might not of done on a midweek day off with a fully functioning TV.
I met someone at a wedding a few months ago who was the same age as me and my husband (in fact she was in his year at school) who didnt have a TV. She said the reason behind it was there's had broken a few years ago and they hadn't been able to replace it straight away and before they knew it they had gone a couple of months without one. Now, it was unlikely they would own a TV again.
She was really bubbly and funny and I remember thinking she must fill her days with such interesting activities
She was pregnant with (I think) her third child and said that before, she would have plonked the children in front of the TV to keep them distracted while she ate or cleaned whereas now they read or played with toys.
She joked that everyone thinks they are crazy for not owning a TV but that they were happy.
I couldnt help but admire that attitude - how many conversations are dominated by TV today? I could imagine people thinking her peculiar - but she is living how she wants and not how people think she should.
Not sure I could do it though - I would miss my soaps! And hubby would miss his sports far too much.
I do think it is important however, to spend time together away from the TV. It doesnt have to cost anything, could just be a long walk somewhere. A nice dinner at home with no telly for the evening.
A night at the cinema (although that can be expensive and technically i guess that IS sitting in front of a bigger TV)
We do make time for eachother and ensure we spend and evening or day here and there away from the home or TV, but when it is cold like this or there are endless channels to choose from, it is so easy to stay in.

A late new years resolution I think!

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