Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Curves of the day: Charlotte Church

I have always loved Charlotte. This girl has got balls! Best known as the voice of an angel who famously sang to the US president and sold millions of albums, who then grew up to have a successful pop career and a dabble in presenting her own chat show.

Charlotte has taken a back seat from fame of late since becoming a mum to two children but is back in the headlines today after receiving a settlement for her case from the Leveson Enquiry after it emerged her phone and families phones had been hacked.

Despite the fact that in her headline heyday, Charlotte was usually portrayed as a drunken wild child who couldn't stop partying, it was a story about her father that led her mother to attempt suicide which Charlotte wanted justice for.

Well done Charlotte!

I have always admired how down to earth and normal she is. Spending Saturday nights at her local pub singing karaoke rather than partying with other celebs in London or spending Sunday's having lunch with her nan rather than in a plush restaurant.

She never sold stories about her yo-yoing weight or did money making weight loss deals, just dealt with it in her own way as we all do. Most of
All though, she is curvy and proud!

Charlotte Church, I salute you!


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