Monday, 27 February 2012

Diet Day One.

So, Monday is done and I haven't done too bad. Have found it very easy today too which is nice! Does help that I haven't felt entirely well today and went back to bed this afternoon. Have felt quite rough in fact which is annoying as had lots I wanted to do today but ended up doing very little.

One symptom of CFS is very achy muscles which I always get down the back of my bicep, in my shoulders, in my neck and when it's been really bad I have got it in the tops of my legs too. I also feel extremely tired and unable to stay awake but no amount of sleep helps. The other thing with it is, it comes and goes, tomorrow I could feel much better - I hope so! As I have said before though, I am slowly on the mend and as much as it is painful and frustrating to feel tired, my symptoms have improved a lot since having treatment.

Anywhooo, the point of all that blah was to say, I haven't been as productive as I wanted with exercise but have with my diet so am quite happy! Hopefully my day tomorrow will be more productive with both.

Todays food:

Breakfast - wholemeal toast.

Lunch - tuna salad with vinegar as dressing.

Dinner - chicken breast with roasted veg (pepper, onion, mushroom, corgette)

Cups of tea - 2

Pints of water - 4

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