Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Diet Day Three.

I found it much easier today as I was out and about although, my lunch plan went out of the window so there was a bit of a meal plan glitch.

I had planned to use my leftover low fat sausage from last night in a little casserole consisting of onions, kidney beans, cabbage and puree but as I didn't get back until gone 4pm, I just grilled the sausage (I was very hungry!) and ate that! Knowing that I would be having dinner in a couple of hours.

Evenings are the worst I think, especially if you end up sitting on the sofa, that's usually when I fancy snacking or just generally think about food! Tonight football has dominated the TV screen so it has been quite boring which makes cravings worse!

Todays Meals:

Breakfast - wholemeal toast

Lunch - measly grilled sausage! :(

Dinner - large chicken ceasar salad
(well needed)

Cups of tea - 4 (oooops)
Pints of water - 2

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