Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Diet Day Two.

Didn't get a chance to post yesterdays diet progress last night so am updating now.

Still doing well on day two but I did feel hungrier yesterday. Think I am going to have to up my tea allowance so I have something to enjoy seeing as I am having no carbs (well only one carb based meal a day), no sweets or choccies and no alcohol.

Am glad that the no carbs for dinner rule is only temporary too - just to give a head start on losing my takeaway tummy. It's very hard to make dinners without carbs (hubby is still getting them) and considering all dinners are home made and generally healthy, carbs aren't too bad!

But for now they are no go!

Sooooo, yesterday my food was:

Breakfast: wholemeal toast.

Lunch: scrambled eggs, grilled tomatos, pepper, courgette and mushroom.

Dinner: healthy sausage and mash - low fat sausaged from bakers with mashed veg. (hubby still got potato!)

Cups of tea: 2
Pints of water: 4

Is the stone gone yet?

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