Monday, 27 February 2012

Diet Drudge!!

Right, as well as being Monday, for me today is the day that I give my diet a major kick up the arse.

I recently lost some weight but still want to lose a stone and annoyingly, I know I can do it but am just being lazy.

The comfort of being married and our love of food (and my love of cooking it!) has resulted in us having zero willpower when it comes to being good. In general, my relationship with food has always been either really good or really bad, however at the moment it is disastrous!

In general, I can't be too naughty with food as due to my genes I would be the size of a house but things like naughty white fresh bread, luxury roasted potatos and sugar in my tea have crept their way back into life. Bad!

So, my new rules are:

•Carbs just once a day (but not at dinner)
•Only two cups of tea a day and not five!
•No sugar so no chocolate.
•Lots of veg and salad.
•Drink more water.
•Cut down on my portion sizes as even though I mostly just have three meals a day, they can be quite hefty in size!

I also know I need to start exercising again too. Because I currently suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) it has been impossible to exercise as due to my body not producing adrenaline, exercise would make me really ill. However, I am now on the mend and so am going to start with something simple - walking. Even if I just walk half an hour a day, just to get myself started again.

So I thought one part of my daily blog could be my diet diary, to keep me in check so that I am not failing every day (because I have a daily place to check in with my results) and so anyone else in my shoes either trying to eat well, lose weight or just tone up know they are not alone! If you find yourself reaching for a chocolate bar you can have a quick look on here and see you are not the only one who feels deprived!

I have had my breakfast - two slices of wholemeal toast (so the carb card has been dealt for today) my first cup of tea and a glass of water. While I get some writing done I am going to indulge in my second cup of tea so that I just drink water for the rest of the day.

I can do this! Slinky summer here I come!

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