Monday, 6 February 2012

Do manners cost now.....?

I have noticed something lately which has especially caught my eye today; how rude people can be!

This morning I trundled down to my local post office where I have been a few times lately due to selling some bits on ebay and once again I was greeted with a miserable face who just stared redundantly back at me when I wished her good morning. It's not the first time either that my greeting has been ignored and she is not the only one there who behaves that way - it has made me dread having to go there to send off my packages. When I put my sixth package on the scales to be weighed I smiled and proclaimed 'last one!' only for her to just look at me expressionless as if I were speaking another language. If I didn't use the post office that regularly, my well bitten tongue would have said something by now. If she doesn't want to talk to me that's totally fine but acknowledgement would be nice especially when I have been polite enough to greet them. I have worked serving the public and understand how rude customers can be but surely when a friendly face greets you that would be a welcome relief? And as far as I was always advised, you treat customers how you would want to be treated.

On my walk back I was greeted by a couple walking towards me side by side, both with pushchairs who I decided to let pass. I stood under a conifer tree which was dripping icy water onto my head and not only did they not move into single file to make room for us all on the narrow path, but they didnt acknowledge that I had stepped out of their way under the damp tree and just marched on by without a thank you - or even a head nod.

I don't expect a big song and dance but I feel manners are so important and I was always taught that as well. When someone holds open a door for you, let's you get by or serves you dinner, you acknowledge with a thank you. If you ask someone to pass you something you say please, It should go without thinking.

I must sound moanier than my 27 years! After reading this back I feel it! However, I think most people would agree that a simple please or thank you goes a long way.....

That's it, moan where's my pipe and slippers..?

Nicki xx

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