Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Finally, a healthy celebrity body.

I have just seen pictures of Jesy from Little Mix in her bikini on holiday and have to say - I think she looks amazing! Curvy with beautifully clear skin.


There are many who will disagree, we all have different tastes after all but hopefully those who disagree, will do so out of a question of taste and not out of spite.

It is nice to see a bikini filled out for a change. Yes her thighs may be shapely but that's NORMAL for alot of women and natural for her. Yes she has hips and boobs but that's NORMAL for alot of women and natural for her. Maybe people are getting too used to skeletal reality TV 'stars' parading around on the beach with their giant fake boobs and overplumped lips.

I think it is such a shame to read all the nasty comments she gets, especially as they are mainly from the public too. I am pretty sure that all of the people who have abused her online can't be skinny, fat free, beautiful, with perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect teeth and no cellulite. Am I right?

Jesy has no cellulite, has healthy and glowing skin and a smile (another thing missing off of a lot of celebrities faces)

Don't listen to the nasty comments Jesy! You look great!


  1. nothing wrong with her at all

  2. I agree! I've met her too and she is very slim but curvy. Lovely healthy figure.

  3. Do you know where her polka dot bikinis are from? I know the red flower one is from River Island but I can't identify the spot ones...

  4. I don't know I'm afraid, I know Geri Halliwell does a bikini range for Next and she did have some polka dot designs
    So could try looking on there?

    Otherwise, maybe google 'Jesy bikini' and see if any results advise where she got it.

    Let me know! It's pretty.... :)


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