Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Gok is an inspiration!

I have always been a fan of Gok Wan ever since I first watched 'How to look good naked'. I loved how he made women really look at themselves and realise that everyone is different and beautiful in there own way. Made them love who they are and face their issues head on.

Tonight his latest series aired and he is addressing the body issues of today's teens and I must admit, It's opened my eyes! I wouldn't be be a teenager today.

I can remember looking at magazines and thinking how glamorous the women looked, however they were much more realistic than the images in today's magazines. I remember watching the latest Spice Girls music video and seeing how sexy they looked but when you watch the computerised, airbrushed, skinny, naked video's on TV today, there's no comparison! And sadly, that is what the youth of today feel they have to contend with. That, or the image of big fake boobs, botox, trout pout lips and lashings of fake tan. It is so sad that they feel this ressure and as Gok pointed out on tonight's episode, images of airbrushed, so called 'perfect' girls are easily accessible now. With the internet, todays teens can look at celebrity images all day and not only that, join websites that promote not eating in order to be thin - very scary stuff indeed.

I strongly support what Gok is trying to instill in these young, impressionable girls and hope it is the start of some kind of revolution to help girls realise that these images are unrealistic.

Please watch Gok on Channel 4, 8pm on Tuesday's.

It is an education.

Nicki xx

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