Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy 29th February!

Today is a date that only occurs every four years.... 29th February.

Happy birthday to anyone who's birthday falls on today's date. I would assume you celebrate every year however, today is your actual birthday! I would love that, no matter how old your friends get you pretty much stay young forever! I would certainly take advantage of only having a birthday every four years. I was born in a leap year - 1984 and would only been 7 had I been born on this date. I missed it a bit though as I was born in October.

Also, good luck to any ladies who have decided to take the plunge and propose to their boyfriend today, traditionally the only day women are able to propose. Hope all goes to plan and that there will be lots of bubbles later!

And to those of us for whom, this is just another typical Wednesday - have a lovely day!

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