Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Healthy healthy healthy!!

I met my mum for lunch yesterday which was lovely and we were both very proud of ourselves for having a salad rather than choosing something comforting off of the specials board.

Ha!! Have that temptation! Very nice the salad was too.....

Am extra proud as it was quite chilly in this pub so lamb and rosemary gravy or sausage and mash would have gone down a treat.

Am off to the post office in a bit but rather than jump in the car, I am opting to walk. It's not really that far and i'm just being lazy choosing the easy option of driving! It's getting a bit warmer too so no excuse to drive really.

I also have housework to do before the arrival of my brother and his girlfriend tomorrow who are visiting for a few days so hoovering will burn some calories! Might even put on some heels to burn a few more....

Oh, and water.....drink lots of water!

Slim thoughts....

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