Wednesday, 8 February 2012

It seems you can shop for anything online...

Today in the news it has been said that in America, there is a new website that works kind of like a dating website but is for people to purely find a partner to have a baby with. No romance, no relationship - just a baby.

I would imagine that, like a dating site you would arrange to meet up and see if you are compatible and that you get on so much so you are happy to have a baby together but as for anything else, that doesn't really matter. Alot of people are obviously saying what a bad idea this is and that it is steering away from the idea of a 'normal' family.

The creator of this website is either crazy or a genius! Just think how many children are created through one night stands and out of a relationship anyway. How many people get pregnant on purpose when they feel their time is nearly up or make a pact with one of their best friends to have a baby together? It happens, it is happening now so is this website really so bad? It is just catering for people that want the best friend to make a baby pact with but perhaps don't have that friend. This way, they are meeting someone who wants the same thing they do. It's like a sperm donor but with both parents involved in the upbringing.

I can see why people would be against it though. Children ideally should be born into a loving family with loving parents. Is this website promoting the idea that you now don't have to worry too much about finding Mr or Miss Right in time because now you have a back up should you want a baby. Also, how do you know it will work out ok in the long run? You might get on initially but neither person will know eachother or their full past; good bits and bad bits - unlike when you are in a relationship. On the other hand though, in this day and age meeting the right person is more difficult for some who want to have a career. Some people have dated and dated and still not met the person they want to start a family with and if something like this site is available rather than sperm donors then why not?

We live in a very modern world and alot of children are being raised in very modern families - does that mean they are less happy? There are lots of children being brought up by a mum and dad and are unhappy too.

Despite the fact I can't decide my opinion on this topic, I must admit I couldn't do it. I would never judge a friend if they decided this was the route they wanted to go down but I must admit, I think the good old fashioned way appeals to me the most. Easy for me to say? Perhaps... I am still at the age where I feel I am not ready for children but at least when I do, I am married and will be having a baby with the man I love. As much as I am open minded it seems a bit cold to meet up with someone you have met online to have a baby with, but the same could be said for sperm donors or online dating. I know three people who met their current partner online and all three relationships are very happy. One couple are happily married.

My thoughts are as long as the children are brought up in a loving home with loving parents, no matter who they are.

Surely that's what matters.......?

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