Monday, 13 February 2012

That time of year again...!

So, here we are Valentines Day Eve, how very exciting! not really.

All that Valentine stuff isn't really for us and we have never celebrated it or bought eachother cards or presents. Mainly because (you can call us spoilsports) it just feels like another commercial event put upon us to make us spend money that we probably don't have.

I like the idea of someone who has a little crush sending a card to their secret beloved in the hope of their feelings being reciprocated, but it isn't for us.

We already do nice things together like going for meals or drinks, long walks or the cinema, or if we are a bit skint and want quality time together, we cook a nice meal, put music on and leave the TV off. It's important to keep the romance going all year round and you don't have to spend money if you don't have it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against Valentines day - each to their own after all! Couple's with children perhaps don't get to spend alot of time alone with their partner so I understand if they want to take advantage of this day once a year. We may even feel the same in year's to come.

My hubby will be at football with his Season Ticket buddy so I will be indoors, enjoying a nice glass of wine and a yummy dinner for one. Bliss if you ask me! Sometimes it is nice to do your own thing.

If you are planning on doing something with your other half then I do hope you have a lovely evening whatever you may do. I have a couple of easy recipe ideas that I will post a bit later for people who have decided to cook but don't know what they want to make, hopefully they will be of some help!

Happy lovin'!

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