Monday, 6 February 2012

Manic Monday.

Well, another weekend is done with Monday greeting us once more. I do hope everyone has a safe journey into work and doesn't experience too many (if any) problems.

It's very cold and now very icy so makes walking to the station or driving to work much more dangerous.

I have just heard on the news that trains are actually running quite effeciently - I hope that is correct! I hope that the roads are not too bad either.

Main thing is, its freezing!! There is nothing worse than waiting somewhere and being cold. When helping hubby shovel snow yesterday I had two tops on, a jumper, my coat and scarf, a hat with earmuffs and leggings under my jeans! I Do really hate the cold - unlike all the children who were sledging, building snowmen and having snow fights. How different the snow is for you when you are young! It's just another play thing to enjoy and not something that stop's you getting from A to B. It's running and sliding or snow angels, not digging out your car or slipping and sliding to the station. I'm pretty sure I didn't think about the temperature when I was young either!

How things change.

Nicki xx

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