Wednesday, 22 February 2012

New tried and tested liquid eyeliner!

I know when it comes to make up I am always banging on about MAC but that is because it really is a good brand of make up (in my view). Good quality, hard wearing and it looks good on.

My latest buy from MAC is their Liquidlast Eyeliner which arrived yesterday and was applied as soon as I had unwrapped it!

I really love liquid eyeliner but tend to find it flakes off and as I have watery eyes this can make the liner wear off too, but I read really good reviews for this one so thought I would give it the ultimate test and wear it overnight.

What can I say, I am very impressed! I even had watery eyes this morning when I woke up and it hasn't budged or flaked! Very happy indeed. Now I know I can wear it out for an evening and it will stay put and not trickle down my cheek half way through the night.

This particular liquid liner is £14. They have a great selection so if you're not sure this one is for you, have a browse and read the reviews other customers have left.

Tres happy!

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