Sunday, 5 February 2012

Stuck in the snow.

Well.....we were promised snow and snow we got!! Bucket loads! I can't believe how accurate the weather report for it was in fact. It advised that around 8pm it would start to snow and continue through the night with 5-10cm expected. Low and behold, 8pm came and so did the snow.

I am so shocked at the state of the roads, my mother in law lives in Holland, who have had their snowstorm this last week and she explained that the roads had been prepared for it and that as soon as the snow stopped, more gritters were out in force. What is wrong with this country?! Why are we never prepared?? It seems the lesson
Is never learnt!

We were at a 30th birthday party as it started to pour, with different people giving updates every now and then as to how heavy the snow was falling. Getting home was a nightmare; despite the snow warnings all this week NONE of the roads have been gritted in preperation and therefore all the cars were (rightly so) driving at a snails pace (I never thought I would drive down the A13 at a maximum speed of 15mph)

A bigger issue faced us further on though, we got onto the A127 only to find it was closed after a certain point. So, we sat waiting in the snow, like a kid waiting for christmas, to see if we were ever going to get home. Tired and feet aching from high heels (me of course not hubby!) bed seeming so far away!!!

Despite us both being grumpy and tired, one thing we both liked about the experience of being snowed in, was seeing people helping eachother. Strangers coming together and passing on information so we all knew what was going on, or getting out and pushing cars that were stuck. Even walking to the garage up the road to get drinks - Amazing!! Human kindness and spirit at it's very best. Was like being part of a little community on this small stretch of the motorway. I Must proudly admit, my husband was one of the good samaritans. We were one of the last cars to get going because of his kind heart. Just before 5am we got in....

I can assure you that Sunday will be spent indoors, in the warm, with hot drinks, films and the duvet. Sod all this snow malarky...although I might be tempted to build a snowman...we shall see.

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