Thursday, 2 February 2012

Suffering for beauty...?

I have just read the sad and shocking story of a woman from London who has died after suffering a severe allergic reaction to the glue from hair extensions she had put in in a salon.

How awful.

What's more worrying is that there are another four cases like this reported in the last three months. Apparantly it is believed that the sweat from 'dancing all night' may have caused the glue to seep into her horrifying.

It just seems to be one beauty thing after another causing ladies to fall seriously ill or lose their life. The mother who used a home hair dye and ended up in a coma (cannot find any recent reports on her condition sadly) one of many cases of hair dye horrors. Then of course, there's the ongoing issues with the PIP breast implants that were made with industrial silicone rather than medical silicone. The hideous tales from across the pond of people going to unlicensed doctors to have botox and fillers injected into their bodies with potentially fatal consequences. One woman is hideously disfigured after having a concoction injected into her that included CEMENT.

And now this....

Sadly, it seems in this day and age, extreme vanity is causing more and more health issues. Of course, not all the cases are of extreme vanity, I am sure every woman has used a home dye hair kit at least once. However, what with images of beautiful, perfect, skinny women being projected at us left, right and centre everyday, it is no wonder more and more women are feeling the pressure to look perfect. You can buy anything now too in case you havent got it; longer hair, new teeth, new boobs, longer nails, longer lashes, fake tan, flatter stomachs, thinner name it, but is it worth risking your health and going to extremes over it all?

I love my make up, having my eyelashes done and wearing high heels, I also have clip in extensions for when I am going out. But as much as I moan about a tubby tummy or cellulite, I must admit the prospect of going under the knife to magically fix it all is not something I would consider lightly. Having silicon popped into my body, or a vacuum stuffed under my skin to remove fat seems really scary and daunting!

But more and more girls ARE having it done and scarily they are having it done on the cheap, as more and more inexperienced surgeons are popping up offering irresistable offers when they haven't always got the skills, equipment or even the qualifications to carry them out. This seems to be the case for beauticians too - and I am sure we will be reading about more dodgy extensions, dodgy skin procedures and poisonous fillers for some time yet to come.

The other sad thing about all this is most men are not a fan of the OTT look anyway. A little help here and there is fine but head to toe fakery is a no go for many.

Best thing to always remember is to use recommended beauty salons / therapists and always research them and any clinic you are thinking of using if you are considering surgery.

As with most things in life you get what you pay for, is it really worth such a risk with your body and health?

Nicki xx

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