Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sugar High?

I have just been reading up about why scientists believe sugar sales should be regulated just as alcohol and cigarettes are and why they consider it to be a 'poison'.

It causes illnesses and ailments such as obesity, polycystic ovary sydrome and cancer it is also addictive and causes mood swings, headaches and insomnia.

This is of course if you have a sweet tooth and consume alot of sugary treats like chocolate and cakes you might think? Not so... The average person consumes an extra 840 calories a week through unknowingly having sugar which is hidden in everyday foods such as sauces, soups, ready meals, bacon and bread. What's annoying about this is that you feel no more satisfaction or fullness for consuming these extra calories.

This is why I cook everything from scratch: sauces, curries, dips, lamb kebabs, burgers, everything. They are all healthy and by making it yourself, you know what you are eating. No matter how many hours I have worked or how stressful my day has been I have always cooked from scratch. The nice thing about cooking from scratch too, is when you do want a naughty meal it's nowhere near as bad as buying a takeaway / ready meal and tastes better.

I do have a passion for cooking which of course helps but it hasn't always been that way. I never turned up to cookery classes in school, I hated them with a passion in fact and don't think I cooked my first proper meal until I was around 21 (a successful stir fry it was too) it was only when - at 13st - I was miserable with my figure and wanted to change it. My first homemade cooking attempt were homemade burgers for a bbq I was going to. They are so easy to make and you can put what you want in them; chillis for a kick or apple for sweetness. They were a success and that was it, the homecooking had begun! Weight dropped off, I got to know about flavours and most importantly, my cooking confidence grew. When I speak to friends who don't cook, they say it's just lack of confidence or believing it is too difficult.

I have sugar from time to time and love fatty food. But when sugar is hidden in foods you wouldn't even think of, it can be hard to avoid.

Read the full sugar detox article on the the Daily Mail's website:

It is a really interesting read, especially for those with a sweet tooth!

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