Monday, 6 February 2012

Sunshine from Down Under :)

My lovely best friend has been in Australia since November last year, travelling around, sampling the food, volunteering and working and generally having a wonderful time!

I haven't been able to speak to her much since Christmas which is a shame as we would normally talk alot and see eachother regularly so I am very much looking forward to our Skype session tomorrow for a good old goss and catch up! I love Skype, it's such a great invention! We use it to talk to my mother in law in Holland too - makes you feel closer to them. The world is such a small place now really thanks to technology.

In the meantime, she sent me a beautiful sunset picture of the beach which is literally two minutes walk away from the hostel she is currently staying at. I of course sent her a picture of the snow in return - I know where I would rather be though!

Nicki xx

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