Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Wax on, Wax off..

If u are a wax fan like me but find it can be costly to keep it up, this Veet wax is a must buy!

I have been going to a salon for about five years for wax treatments and it really reduces hair growth so I am determined to keep it up. However, the salon I go to is a very good one so can be quite pricy. There isn't anyway I would stop going there, the lovely lady I go to is brilliant and of course, it is much easier for someone else to do it! But if you have the odd month you can't afford it, this stuff could help you out!

It costs around £10 and will last you a long time, it is great for face, legs and bikini line. The spatula has the word NO! Written on which appears if it is too hot to use to avoid you burning yourself and the strips are washable so you just put them in warm water after use.

It smells delish too!

A must have.......

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