Tuesday, 6 March 2012

And so the exercise begins....

This morning I went for a 40 minute power walk to begin my exercise regime that will accompany my healthy eating. I must admit I felt very good after and can definitely feel the affects of not having really exercised for a year. My bum and legs were very achy indeed!

When I got in, I did some toning exercises including the plank to tone my wobbly tum and some arm, leg and back toning exercises with my dum bells.

I am not a big exercise fan, I never liked PE in school and did everything I could to avoid it (although I do think I had a lack of confidence in sporting activities which didn't help). For me, this routine is enjoyable and enough exercise to get me going for now. I enjoy doing toning exercises as it is actually quite relaxing, plus you can always watch the TV whilst doing it to make it more interesting. The power walking gets my heart rate going and burns off any extra calories I may have eaten (or drank). Who knows, this fast walk may even become a run... We shall see!

Because any vigorous exercise would previously make me very ill, this exercise pattern is a perfect starting ground for me.

I have realised that it is so easy to eat healthy and enjoy it - my problem is that when I would have a 'Treat Day' it wouldn't just be a little treat, I would pig out all day - naughty breakfast, lunch and dinner with fatty snacks in between. Now, I will have one treat a week whether its a naughty dinner or some chocolate and won't feel guilty.

My dinners are always yummy and mainly healthy anyway, it was just if I had garlic bread or cheese with my pasta or made home made chips but cooked them in lots of oil to make them crisp. Cutting down on portion size has helped too, as well as only having carbs once a day.

I haven't weighed myself yet as I only use one set of scales which are my Mums, however maybe I should plan a visit next week to see if I have shifted any of my extra weight!

Stepping on the scales always makes me a bit nervous tho so maybe i'll leave it a while yet - until I feel the clothes are bit looser!

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