Friday, 16 March 2012

Back again...

Hello and happy Friday! Sorry for not blogging over the last couple of days...have been very busy with family arrangements and writing of my book so haven't had the opportunity to get on here.

Had an exciting evening on Wednesday as one of my very close friends is moving into our building into the top floor flat. I hired out my husband to help her and her family move furniture upstairs (which they appreciated...him I'm not so sure!)

She is away this weekend so moves in properly on Tuesday which I am looking forward to. Both of us being 'Friends' fanatics, we are anticipating lots of 'knock on door' moments and I am relying on her to entertain me when the football is on the TV...which it is a lot of the time!

Moving her in reminded me of when we first moved into our flat two and a half years ago. Our first home together just like it is her first independent home, I suddenly remembered all the excitement and anticipation! What was lovely about when we first moved in here was it was the end of November so near Christmas! Our empty living room looked more homely and a bit fuller with our beautiful Christmas tree (Which ironically is too big for our living room now).

Tonight will be spent shopping with the husband but sadly not the retail kind that I enjoy! We have steadily been doing a Come Dine With Me competition with some friends and tomorrow night is Patricks turn so we are out getting the last few bits he needs for his recipes. I am salivating at the knowledge that I'm having a three course meal in my own living room, especially as it is one I don't have to cook!

Finally, my new book has just arrived. bought off of ebay for pence! 'The Library of the Dead' by Glenn Cooper was recommended to me by my mother in law who is a book fanatic. Can't wait to start that this afternoon!

Have a lovely weekend one and all!

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