Friday, 9 March 2012

Diet Day Eleven.

Another day of dieting. Food wise I didnt do too bad seeing as I was due to have two meals out today (well one was a takeaway for my sister in laws birthday).

The food bit wasn't too much of a problem but the glasses of wine I had in the evening might have been...three glasses! I had been planning on treating myself to wine at some point soon but now that I have (and have also answered the hobnob craving!) I can jump firmly back on the wagon and continue with being healthy. I did do an epic 6 mile walk yesterday which I am proud of and although I am EXTREMELY achy today, I am planning on doing my toning exercises later.

Breakfast - none (was in a rush and didn't have time but threw me out the whole day so never skip brekki!)

Lunch - chicken in pitta with corn on the cob.

Dinner - Chicken Shashlik (chicken cooked with tomato onion and pepper in spices no sauce) with salad and bit of husbands rice.

Cups of Tea - 2
Pints of Water - 2
Glasses of Wine - 3!

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