Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Duchess speaks!

How amazing it is to see and read all the hype surrounding the Duchess of Cambridge and her first ever public speech since becoming a royal.

Poor girl!

It must have been so nerve wracking knowing that the world was watching and would be commenting on the 304 words she had written to read upon attending The East Anglia's Children's Hospice's launch of their new facility 'The Treehouse' in Ipswich.

You could hear the nerves in her voice however I still think she did a wonderful job and I believe one day we will look back in amazement at how nervous she was, having become used to her confident public speaking ability.

I know how she feels (On a much smaller scale of course!) I took part in a public speaking competition in 2000 that my english teacher put me and two other girls forward for. I was the main speaker and had to speak for nine minutes straight and the rules were very strict. You could only look down at your cards three times in the nine minutes, they were looking for pauses in the correct places, emphasis in the right places or on the right words and of course, you had to be heard clearly from the back of the hall without sounding as though you were shouting. All of this to think of and I had to remember everything I was discussing (our subject was written by our teacher and was 'What it means to be English').

PRIDE: My trophy award for best Public Speaker.

As much as I love a good chat with friends, public speaking left me quaking in my boots; all those eyes watching and scrutinising what you were saying and how you were saying it, waiting for you to make a mistake or even worse, lose your train of thought. You too of course had to sound as though you were speaking and not just reciting.

All that pressure in just one room was extremely scary! So I can imagine how Kate would have felt and it makes her seem even more 'normal' that she did appear nervous. I think the public will relate to her even more.

We didn't win the public speaking competition however I did win a trophy, the only trophy I have ever won which sits proudly away from all of my husband's football trophies! A nice little reminder that I did something that was a scary but worthwhile experience.

I'm not sure I could do it again though!

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