Friday, 16 March 2012

Late Night Thoughts.

Does anyone else who relies on creativity in their line of work or hobby or anyone like me who is trying to make a go of writing, find that all their inspiration, ideas and funny scenarios creep up on you when you are trying to nod off to sleep? I have now decided to keep a pen and paper beside the bed so if I think of things I can scribble them down! Last night my mind was alive with funny conversations, tricky situations and I think I pretty much wrote the next chapter of my book in my head too! Annoyingly, it had all escaped from my memory when I woke up this morning!

The great thing about phones these days is that there are apps (whether downloaded or already on the phone) that you can make quick notes on so have got the day bit mastered, however it does always seem to be at night that the ideas start springing to mind - and I can't keep missing them!

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