Friday, 16 March 2012

A long weight to go yet....

So, I weighed myself at my mums yesterday and I have stayed the same weight!! Bless my lovely mother for putting a positive spin on it by pointing out that at least I haven't put on anymore...Am quite annoyed though because I do feel that all in all I have been good! Eaten healthy, eaten smaller portions and not snacked...I have treated myself occasionally but doesn't everyone? it seems I am doomed to a life of no treats....EVER!! ho hummm...

TEMPTATION: A Glass of red and crusty bread!

What I have really realised is, the nearer I get to leaving my 20's (I am 27 so got a little while yet) the more my already slow metabolism needs a kick up the arse to get it going! So really, as much as the healthy eating is obviously a good thing if even just for health reasons, to keep my weight down I am going to really have to step up on the exercise!

The problem for me (as for many people) is motivation. When I come back from a walk, I feel really energised and I really enjoy them, however I find the 'getting out of the door' part quite hard, especially as I like reading or catching up on news as well as writing, that's if I am not going out somewhere too. When I do go for a walk though, I find it is a great time to think things over without the distraction of the telephone, TV, radio or internet. It's free time to plan things that need planning, mull over what needs to be done in the week or come up with ideas for writing or for my fund raising event.

I need to make myself go out everyday for a lot longer than I have been so I not only start losing weight but give my brain some thinking time. I'll need to just keep reminding myself that more exercise will be beneficial in more ways than one. It's just a shame the idea of eating bread and drinking wine is much more appealing!!

To rub salt in the wound even more, my husband weighed himself and has lost another half stone.... just peachy!


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