Sunday, 18 March 2012

Monday Eve.

So, here we are once again - another Monday is upon us after blinking and missing the weekend.

We have already been in bed since 8.30 (sad I know!) and hubby is fast asleep snoring his head off whilst I watch a film.

It's normal for hubby to be soundo early in the evening but normally I tend to be up later, however for some reason I am shattered too so a film in bed seemed the perfect way to finish the weekend.

Tomorrow I intend to continue writing my story and also read my new book - it has been staring at me from the coffee table all weekend and I am dying to read it now!!

My fund raising plans have been on the back burner of late, so some time this week I will pick up from where I left off. It has just been that writing is my main focus at the moment but I do want to start the ball rolling event wise.

I am also determined to crank up the exercise plans a good few notches in order to start shedding some pounds. I really do need to get into the habit of doing it, something I have told myself many times when I have joined gyms, taken up an exercise class or gone swimming. I really don't know what is wrong with me! (well, I do; I would much rather be sitting down than exercising. Lazy moo!)

I had a really lovely weekend - Friday was spent in chilling once we had run around doing bits and bobs. Saturday we had friends over for dinner (there is about that on my other blog which you can get to on the bottom of this page) Then today was spent at my mums for a lovely sunday roast with my grandparents, step dad and step brother. Perfick!!

I do hope all the mum's had a lovely mothers day today whatever they did.

Right now, I am going to watch the rest of this film and then get some shut eye as I am planning on getting up early for a quick 'before the rush' food shop and then I want to go for a walk once I am back. Get it out of the way!!

Here's to my health plan revival...gulp!

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