Sunday, 11 March 2012

RIP Gemma

So sad to hear that the limbless torso discovered in Regents Canal in Hackney has been confirmed to be that of former Eastenders star Gemma McCluskie.

Whoever it would have been identified as, it would have been a sad and vicious crime but since disappearing last week, Gemma's picture has been all over the news and internet. Because of the fact she has also been in one of Britains best loved soaps, you almost felt as if you knew her.

How could someone who was once a recognisable face on TV end up the victim of such a horrific crime? Sadly, despite how they are often portrayed in glossy mags, celebrities are not immortal - just as the murders of John Lennon and Jill Dando remind us.

I hope that whoever is responsible for Gemma's murder are found and brought to justice, whoever they may be.


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