Monday, 12 March 2012

Today's writing...

So, after a morning of tweaking and updating my blog layout and profile I am very happy and feel I deserve a nice cup of tea....
I have my notes completed for my short story idea and am going to set about getting it started - have lots of great ideas so just need to get on with starting it! Watch this space....I will let you know my progress later!

I have done a writing course and a script writing course and one of the key elements to writing and getting started is getting the notes together. This includes; mastering what the plot will be as well as the sub plots, the characters and the basic 'bones' of the story. You need to know where you be at quarter of the way through your story, as well as half way and where it will end. This is especially the case in script writing as you are limited to how many pages there are due to time length.

I am also doing a bit of research into what I could have as my theme for my fund raising event. It will more than likely be a party but I want to have a think and a look up of  fun ways to raise money on the evening and not just rely on ticket sales. I also want to shop around and get quotes for DJ prices and hall prices to see if I can get any discounts due to it being a charity event (Or even any freebies!)

Am thinking it would be nice for the party to have a theme but at the same time I don't want people to have to spend too much on an outfit for the event.

I have been in contact with the ME Association about what I have to do for them in regards to setting up an event for their charity so currently the ball is in my court until I get things running. They have been very helpful in their advice and suggestions!

Kettles boiled... let the tea and book writing begin!

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