Friday, 23 March 2012

Our first warm weekend is upon us...

So, what is better than knowing it's Friday?

Yes, that's right...knowing it's Friday and seeing the beautiful sunshine outside! (If it's your payday too you must be singing at your desk!) What's more, it is meant to stay bright and warm over the weekend too.

Mmm, I can smell the first BBQ's of the year and beer gardens already.

Once again, I have found myself feeling unwell this week (boooo) with the usual lathergic and aching symptoms. I do believe that hayfever helps bring it on and because of the lovely weather this week, the pollen count has been up so hayfever is rife already. (How long til winter...?)

Despite this, I am feeling slightly better today and want to take advantage of the nice weather (as well as try and keep up the exercise) so am going to go for a walk this afternoon. I am a bit stuck with where to go next in my book so am also hoping the walk will get my creative juices flowing (They are in there somewhere). I know how the story will pan out and end etc. but have found that the chapter I have come to has left me a bit stuck. Just as I do in general conmversation, with typing / writing I find I can tend to waffle on which I don't want to do, so have avoided loading my book up for the last couple of days. It seems I don't like silence even when it's on a page that no-one else can see.

Enjoy your weekend whatever your plans - I hope you all (safely) soak up some sun.

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