Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Weight Loss? Weight and See...

I put my favourite pair of comfy joggers on last night which, although they are comfy, can sometime feels a bit snug around the ol' bum and top thigh, especially as I tend to roll the waistband over due to the leg being a bit long (maybe I should just invest in more joggers!). However, last night after rushing around getting some house work done and the dinner cooked, I realised I had rolled the waistband over and not once had the joggers felt snug! (I think I even let out a little squeal of delight). Especially as I had put on a pair of jeans last week that are usually my 'safe bet' jeans and have always been a bit loose on me only to find they felt quite tight around my thighs and tum. Meanwhile other tighter jeans I have bought have fitted well. Very confusing!

I haven't weighed myself yet as I don't own a pair of scales as I think I would get too obsessed with weighing myself and don't want to live like that, so I only weigh myself when I go to my Mum's. I haven't been in a while but am going on Thursday so feel maybe it is time to see if I actually am progressing or if it is all in my head! Am quite worried about a weigh in actually.....

*put's on plimsolls, grabs Ipod and heads out the door for a long walk...*

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