Sunday, 25 March 2012

Where is that notepad?!

Here I am again; Sunday night laying in bed feeling very tired and yet not able to sleep due to the constant whir of thoughts spinning around in my head!

Hubby is sprawled over my side of the bed (although he will tell anyone that it is ME who is the bed hogger!) fast asleep and recharging, so he is ready to start another hard working week while I am thinking that if I want to get up early and start the week as I mean to go on (with exercise!) I must switch my brain off now.

I have been doing skipping lately to get me going at the beginning of the day and been using weights for toning but I want to do more! The amount I am doing is very poor for wanting to lose weight! The problem is as poor as the amount I am doing is, that minimum amount has wiped me out and made me feel quite ill and achy. Even so, I'm not giving up! The healthy eating alone isn't doing it and I refuse feel podgy! I need to be gentle in my exercise but consistent and make sure I am keeping active.

Walking is really nice as it gives me time to think and plan...maybe more walks will clear my mind leaving me thought-free come bed time?

Anyway, I am waffling! Just typing up my thoughts as they come into my head and sadly most of my thoughts (if not creative) are about healthy eating and exercise.

I am quite glad though as my late night creative thoughts can be so hard to pen down to remember for the morning. I might think up a conversation or situation that just flows in my head and sounds brilliant but of course if I stop to write it down I have broken my train of thought and therefore; my flow. That's why I want to be tired and wanting sleep when I get into bed which is another thing exercise should help with - wearing me out!

One good thing about me typing out this post is that I feel a little more tired and ready to hit snooze. It is crazy how much trouble I can have trying to sleep even when I feel so tired. Despite this, writing it all down always helps puts things into perspective and so writing this post has helped.

Ah! Hubby has just moved over...I am going to take my chance and try and get some shut eye so I am ready for another week.

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