Tuesday, 10 April 2012

And so the healthy routine commences once again!

Why is it so easy to fall off of the 'Healthy Wagon' and indulge in naughty food, alcohol and extra helpings but oh so hard to knock it on the head and jump back onto the 'Heathy Wagon'? Even if you enjoy healthy foods like fruit and salad, it is still much more desirable to fantasise about having a tuna mayo baguette for lunch rather than a tuna salad (no mayo). Is it because we know it's naughty and therefore we enjoy it more? or is it just that, while healthy meals can be tasty and filling, nothing quite beats having something covered in crusty white bread or melted cheese or a calorific sauce?

Well, whatever the reason for it is I am determined to keep up with my healthy eating and exercise regime so I have enjoyed the Easter break for the treat is was and am back on the healthy eating with a bang!

Currently the fridge is empty and even though I was up with the lark this morning, I haven't made it to the supermarket yet (will have to soon though as it's nearly lunchtime!) This morning I've had my nimble wholemeal toast, hot water with lemon juice and lots of water. I have also done my first workout of the day having discovered yesterday that we have a fitness channel so this is my new daily routine! A 'wake up work out' in the morning and pilates in the afternoon. I am looking forward to trying out the pilates, my mum used to do it and thinks I'll love it and because I am easing back into exercise, it shouldn't cause me to feel pain after. Let's hope so! I feel great after my morning routine though so fingers crossed this is the start of feeling really good....just in time for summer!

Dinner tonight is going to a carb free version of Jambalaya so that means no rice. In fact I suppose it will be more like a Spanish / Mexican spicy, smoky type stew rather than Jambalaya but I know it will taste nice!

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