Monday, 23 April 2012

Another week of health and fitness!!

So Monday crept up on us quickly again as usual and that for me meant another day of exercise and healthy eating.

I hadn't eaten terribly over the weekend - we had Pizza on Friday night at hubby's request which was homemade so nowhere near as unhealthy as a shop bought or takeaway one. Saturday night we had a home made chicken bhuna* which was spicy and delicious and again, low fat (although we did have it with naan bread and poppadums!) Sunday I had a roast dinner at my grandparents with new potatoes not roasted and lots of veg! It was nice to have potatoes...

I had a few cups of tea over the weekend too....mmm naughty!

So, back to super healthy food and exercise....I think I am starting to notice a difference in my body shape but don't want to be too hopeful yet! Although it is week three body is slow at results it seems!

Hope everyone had a happy Monday....that's it over for another week!!

*I will put the chicken bhuna recipe on my food blog later this week.

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