Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hair Revamp!

 In the new year I treated myself to some new hair extensions as, although I am happy with the length of mine I would like it to be slightly longer and for the layers to be longer. Even so, it seems to have stopped growing or slowed right down - either way I thought a littel helping hand was in order! The set I bought were slightly longer than mine so I was very happy however, because my own hair is quite long thick I felt it showed through so I had a little brainwave. Why don't I make my extensions the same length as my hair to give it that extra boost? to make the actual length thicker and therefore look longer? So I did...

I must admit, as I am not a trained hairdresser I was quite nervous about snipping into them but with a lot of concentration and a steady hand I managed it! and I am very happy with how they look. Now, they make my hair look exactly how I want it to look. They have emphasised the actual length of my hair just by adding thickness. Now it looks luxurious and while I am waiting for my layers to grow out I can have the hair style I want. Once the layers have grown, the extensions can be used to boost my hair even more so I can have big hair when I go out.
The quality of the hair is amazing! it feels so silky soft and matches my own hair colour very well. If you are thinking of investing in some clip in hair extensions make sure you pay that little extra and go for a quality set because not only will they last you longer (so long as you look after them) but they will look a lot better too. I bought mine from - there are other great hair and beauty buys on there too such as instant beehives as well as false eyelashes, there is also a guide as to how to put in your extensions and care for them. I discovered Foxy Locks through watching hair tutorials on YouTube - Foxy Locks will come up in a lot of search results. Definitely worth a look! I am very happy with mine!

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