Monday, 30 April 2012

Hey there Mr Blue Sky!

So, what a change it made this morning to wake up to the sound of silence outside rather than rain patting against the window...and open the curtains to be greeted with a blue sky and not a grey one. I don't think it is meant to last long and the rain will return again later in the week however, in the meantime this calm weather is a welcome break from it.

My weekend was a complete blow out which was very annoying. I had plans to meet up with an old work colleague in town for lunch on Saturday as I haven't seen her since before Christmas but came down with a chest cold at the end of last week which was at it's worst from Friday night until pretty much today actually. This also meant I had to cancel going to my mum's for a yummy dinner on Sunday where I would have seen my stepsister, nephew and new neice who I haven't yet met - boooo! Will definitely rearrange both meets for next week so I don't miss out! Luckily, although I started to feel unwell on Thursday which was my Mum's 50th birthday, I didn't feel that unwell and was still able to enjoy celebrating with everyone. I started to feel it Friday though after having been out for afternoon tea and by the evening I was in full on flu mode! I know it's going around at the moment and lot's of people are coming down with it so if you are one of them - I wish you better soon! It's not nice AT ALL!! I think the worst thing about it was not being able to sleep and therefore not getting any relief from the painful sore throat or achy muscles. The other horrible thing was the housework building up - am managing to get the mountain of washing done and will hopefully tackle the cleaning tomorrow!

Yesterday was quite funny actually as my husband went to West Ham on Saturday and came home a little worse for wear that night so come Sunday, both of us were just slouched on the sofa through illness - self inflicted or otherwise!

I would like to thank my very good friend and neighbour Nicola for bringing me a bottle of diet coke on Saturday. I felt too rough to go out in the rain and I feel like the fizz eases a sore throat (might all be in my head but it works!) So Nic bought me some on her way home from work. LEGEND!!

I hope everyone else had nice weekends and that if you did wake up to rain, you at least got to see a little sun today.

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