Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hi...remember me?

So, I haven't blogged for about a week as I have been really getting into changing my daily routine to incorporate exercise and have also wanted to spend a lot more time reading to get my rusty brain back into the concept of reading a book to help me with writing mine.

I can't understand why I stopped reading books, it's an amazing way to pass the time! Getting lost in a story for an hour or two, picturing the characters in your head and making them who you want them to look like. Picturing the scene and imagining being there for yourself, books can be better than films! It too makes sense for me to be reading all different types of novels if I want to write a good book myself. As poor as an excuse it is, I think life got in the way. I've had very busy jobs in the past some of which required long hours or overtime and because I like being social, my spare time was spent with friends, my husband or family. The idea of picking up a book just never entered my mind. So silly when it isn't even a chore but a pleasure...

Exercise wise I am very pleased, firstly because I have got right into the swing of it with 'wake up' work outs first thing and yoga (although I'm not sure yoga is my thing) as well as trying out a few different things in between including aerobics, bum and thigh work outs and upper body workouts. I am also thinking of starting running soon but don't want to push myself too much. I do feel so much better now which makes me feel really happy! I did have a set back where I did exercise and fell ill the next day and felt that way for the rest of the week but I contacted the clinic I went through to get better and found out what I needed to do. Apparantly taking drops to bring out the Swine flu for my body to fight it off once and for all meant the virus attacked my adrenal glands again which is why (once again) I fell ill, my body had no adrenalin so exercise was just causing my body anguish! However, I have been taking my adrenal tablets thanks to the clinic and they appear to be back up and running as last week, the only pain I felt was the usual aches you get from being so out of shape! yippeeee! I feel the best I have in a long time, a couple of years in fact! Now, all I need is to lose that extra stone and get in shape.

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