Wednesday, 18 April 2012

It's tough out there...

So, now I am feeling a lot better, I want to get myself back into the world of work. The perfect job for my husband and me would be part time now as he works long hours and works very hard so that way I can keep up with housework in the week as well as my writing which has become really important for me to pursue (never lose sight of your dreams Rodders....!) and we will have weekends free for whatever we want to do. My extra money will be great as I can save up and we have that extra bit of money for things we may need like unexpected high bills or if something goes wrong with the car or in the flat.

I need to tweak my CV so that it will appeal for part time vacancies as I have applied for a couple and think that my CV isn't 'generic' enough (well at least I hope that is what the issue is!) so hopefully, something will come along soon. There is a beauty salon literally at the top of my road which would take me thirty seconds to walk to which would be perfect! Not just because of the distance but also I would love to work in a beauty environment! I keep looking out to see if they have any vancancies but nothing as yet, may have to just pop my head in once my CV is updated so they are aware if they ever need anyone, there is someone interested on their doorstep. Of course, that isn't the only job I will apply for and I am hoping with an updated CV something will come along soon.

I know it is tough out there as many people - friends or family - have either lost jobs and are struggling to find work or are in a trade and finding it hard to get regualr work or contracts. Whatever the reason, jobs are fading fast and it is very hard to find work. That is kind of why I had my doubts about leaving my last job due to illness but I am so glad I did. I hated letting people down from being ill so often and it has taken me just over four months to get better and well enough to want to work again, which shows how ill I was. I am just lucky that we were in a position for me to be able to leave and recover. It isn't like that for everybody, some people are really struggling and my heart really goes out to them.

I hope things get better for this country soon.

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