Monday, 2 April 2012

The sun is disappearing. Snow joke!

So, the lovely long Easter bank holiday weekend fast approaches and all those hard at work today are looking forward to those extra two days off. After over a week of unusually warm weather we would be forgiven for thinking the bank holiday can be spent at the beach, in the beer garden, our own garden or at a theme park maybe? But oh no, mother nature has other ideas I am afraid!

Yep, sadly the weather report is advising that today will be the last day of sunshine we will see for a little while as temperatures once again are set to drop, winds will be howling and there is a chance of rain - even snow! I do really hope it isn't as bad as all that, I have very quickly adapted to flip flops and cardys rather than boots and coats.

Well, whatever you are planning on doing I hope it is a lovely weekend and the weather doesn't spoil it! I am going up to Liverpool with my hubby to visit my brother and his girlfriend which will be really nice.

In the meantime, if you have the opportunity to go out and enjoy the last of the sun this afternoon or evening then I think you should! Before digging out the woolies again...

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