Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Things change....Very quickly!

It seems nowadays teenagers don't just call their mates up on the house phone, they sit on their computers or laptops and Skype their friends, whilst tweeting about skyping their friends....then retweeting the friend they are Skyping, who has tweeted about Skyping their friend...confused? me too....

At just 27, I have found myself already sayinng things my parents said like 'I didn't have things like that when I was that age' or the classic 'Things were so much simpler when we were kids' Yep, I am already turning into that person....god only knows what I'll be like if I have children of my own...

I remember when you had to beg to use the house phone to call your best friend (no mobiles, I had my first when I was about 15) twirling the cord around your finger as you gossiped, ending the call with a sweaty hot ear and numb bum as ultimately you had ended up seated on the floor or stair with other family members clambering over you to get by. Then you got a mobile (which only text or rang) which was brilliant although I easily used up £10 credit in no time! Around the same time you got the internet so therefore got messenger which was better than texts as it was instant and free! (although you still had the dial up connection so were asked to come offline if somebody wanted to use the house phone) Memories! In the past ten years since dial up and mobile phones that just rang we now have WiFi and smart phones, HD TV, digital tv and not analogue, live TV you can pause and rewind, social networking - the list is endless!

How quickly and amazingly technology has progressed, it's exciting! I wonder what we will all be doing in another ten years.

I do love thinking back to how it was not so long ago too though...

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