Thursday, 17 May 2012

Another bargain!

With weddings and what not coming up, it can become costly to ensure you have an appropriate outfit with a bag and shoes to match.

For a 30th birthday party we have coming up in a few weeks I am wearing a dress I already own and have only worn once but love so much and can't wait to wear it again. I can be a pain sometimes and only ever wear a dress once and then sell it on (that is currently how I keep my wardrobe up to date so I don't have to bug hubby for anything I want to buy, I can buy it myself - until I work again of course!) but on this occassion I want to wear this again because it's unique and I love it (this too was an ebay bargain I bought for our holiday to Kos last year).

For a wedding we are attending next month too, I am wearing a lovely summer print dress that my Mum gave me last year after buying it on ebay for a bargain price but then decided it didn't suit her and asked me if I would like it (the price tag is still on the dress and would have been bought for £325! I can't remember how much Mum said she bought it for but it was nowhere near that price). Because the straps are gold I need some gold shoes and as I like to go against the norm and not have a matching clutch bag, I have decided to purchase this lovely white, quilted one! Obviously this was another ebay bargain and only used once by the seller so it's in brilliant condition! It will go great with my outfit and along with a matching white fascinator (which I'm trowling ebay for too) it will look fabulous! All in all along with postage it came to just over £7!
This is why I will always bleat on about ebay - because it is brilliant! If you still have not tried it out, give it a go!

I won this item last night so can't wait to receive it.

The other weekend I (JUST) missed out on some bargain Jimmy Choo shoes which had never been properly worn and were gold so would have gone with the dress I'm wearing - I was outbid by £10 so they went for just over £100 - a complete bargain for Jimmy Choo!! I am still very sad about that now...not only were they a bargain but they were beautiful! I wish I'd put my highest bid a lot higher to ensure I had won them.

 Oh well, you live and learn!

ANOTHER EBAY BARGAIN: Bag for a wedding bought for just over £7

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