Monday, 14 May 2012

Back to Reality....

So, with hubby due back later this morning, his crazy holiday is over - and so is mine.
I have realised that I have treated these last four days as a holiday too....going to bed late, going out, having friends over, drinking and eating's been bloody marvelous!

Don't get me wrong, of course I can't wait to have him home and am looking forward to seeing him, but while I was sorting a few bits and bobs out this morning and tidying up from having my friend stay over last night, I realised how quickly his time away has gone. So, it seems I have stumbled upon the secret to making the time fly when a loved one is away...have fun, make lots of plans and see lots of people! It's definitely worked for me!

I had an AMAZING time on Saturday at hubby's Mum's wedding send off (as you will have seen in the previous post) and yesterday it was nice to have a bit of a lazy afternoon and relax before cooking a roast for me and my oldest best friend who is back from her travels in Australia. We had a great evening eating (and drinking - again!!) and chatting much so that all of a sudden it was 2am and she had to be up early! We had a really lovely evening...

Also, another bonus is there is LOADS of roast chicken left over so I am already looking forward to lunch before even having had breakfast!

I found out at my Mum's last week that I have lost just under half a stone with my healthy eating efforts and exercise which I was over the moon about but I must admit, after the last four days I think I am going to be a bit wary about stepping on the scales again anytime soon. I have a feeling they are not going to tip in my favour this time!

Oh well, the healthy plan start again this morning with a nice walk to the post office before the sky that was- sunny-but-is-now-grey opens up and pours with rain.

Back to reality indeed! It seems even the weather agrees....

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