Monday, 28 May 2012

Bruised Knee, Bruised Ego and Sunburn!

So, what a beautiful sunny weekend we have just had! I must admit, this has been the best weekend I have had in quite a while and I defintely think having the sun beaming down onto you contributes to that!

TREAT: Thursday night pizza.

No matter what you are doing or how much fun you are having, the sun can make it ten times more enjoyable! FACT. On Thursday we sat in the garden with our lovely neighbour and enjoyed the glorious weather with a cider or two. Later that evening, starving and not wanting to cook we ordered pizza.

Cider, sun and pizza - that made for a perfect Thursday evening indeed!
HELLS HEELS: The shoes from which I fell.
Friday was really random, we decided to go upstairs for a few more drinks at our neighbours before she got ready for her night out which we then ended up gatecrashing. A quick wardrobe change and freshen up and we were off out on the town. For me, this was for the first time since being ill and I really enjoyed myself. It felt so good to be out again! My high was blighted slightly by my toppling down off my heels on their maiden voyage out. One minute we are joking that I will kick anyone who propositions us with my kung fu heels, the next I am a pile of humiliated limbs on the cobbles. I love the fact that my friend's first words were 'How are the shoes?!' she knows me so well! haha. Luckily the shoes were fine and so were my supersoft jeans however my knee is purple!

Saturday, we ventured down to the seafront for Southend's annual airshow where we met my brother and sister in law and their friends. It was boiling hot, perfect for a day spent by the seaside. As always when it is the airshow, it was packed out with people of all ages. Usually it would be over the bank holiday which is next weekend but of course but because it is the Queen's Jubilee it was moved forward. It was another lovely hot sunny day which I learnt the hard way by getting sunburnt on my shoulders and back! I am now quite red however luckily it doesn't hurt too much!!

All in all, a fabulous weekend had! Yesterday was spent at my Mum's with the family enjoying a BBQ. I could tell yesterday from Twitter and Facebook that lot's of other friends had a wonderful weekend thanks to the glorious weather. I hope everyone reading this did too!

It's Monday again now but hopefully it is a slightly happier Monday for everyone having had a lovely weekend and because the sun is still out and about for all to see. My mother in law is back from Mexico this morning with her new husband so I am looking forward to seeing them later to hear all about it and see their wedding pictures.

Have a happy Monday!

BURNT: My souveneir of our day in the sun

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