Sunday, 13 May 2012


This is just a quick post to wish my wonderful mother in law Karen and hubby to be Paul a wonderful holiday and wedding in Mexico. They are currently on the plane there now, no doubt nursing a bit of a sore head having celebrated hard last night with a pre wedding party! It was a really great evening for them both and I had a really good time with the family.

My particular highlights of the evening were; my brother in law Lee who (and I quote) 'doesn't do karaoke' yet crooned his way through a good ten songs or more! Dueting with Karen singing Queen's 'It's a kind of magic' in honour of my absent husband and of course most of all - the yummy food! (I am currently starving with post alcohol munch anxiety so food feels very important at this moment in time, plus it was the first BBQ I've had this year!)

Paul's sister and brother in law hosted a great party for the happy couple and I just love their bottom of the garden bar! Open 24 hours with a 'Last Orders' bell that never gets kind of place!
Anyway, my quick post is turning into a short story! I can't wait to see the pictures of their wonderful day...getting married on the beach, under the sun was the most amazing feeling when we did it so I know they will make some wonderful memories.

Lot's of love and best wishes for the future! xx

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