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Monday, 21 May 2012

Dinner, Football and a dodgy sling!

We had a really lovely Friday evening having our friends Tina and Gavin over for dinner. We haven't seen them for a couple of months in which time they have announced they are expecting their first child so it was wonderful to see them both, celebrate their great news and catch up. I made a mini roast as I felt comfort food fitted the occassion and for me, if I want yummy comfort food then a roast would be in my top three. They brought over a couple of bottles of lovely wine which we enjoyed on the sofa after clearing our plates. Tina of course, enjoyed her Fanta Lemon (which I found VERY satisfying the next morning having discovered she had left it here!) I had made the plans for them to come over while Patrick was away and before I knew he had damaged his shoulder however it was a nice chilled evening, relaxing and laughing with friends we haven't seen for a while.

GREAT NIGHT: Good friends and good wine!

They also bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers which was a lovely surprise! So much so I told them it should have been the other way round seeing as they had good news to celebrate. Gavin's cousin Laura runs her own Florist so made up the flowers for him to give to me. Her business has gone from strength to strength since opening a few years ago, she has a shop in her hometown of Corringham and also a little shop in Barleylands, Billericay. I always buy flowers from her on the rare occassions that I have needed them because they are beautiful bouquets and very reasonable prices. Also, of course it is nice to help support a friends business! I am very happy to have a gorgeous bouquet of Laura's adding colour to my living room.

SURPRISE: My gorgeous flowers

Saturday was of course, Wembley day - finally! Patrick was like a kid at Christmas and woke up fresh as a daisy ready to cheer on his team with his football mates. Despite the fact tickets had outsold, people were still desperately trowling the internet for last minute tickets the day before and EVERYONE was talking about attending the big game, none of Patrick and his mates had anticipated just HOW busy it was going to be in London. As soon as they stepped out into Liverpool Street, they were met by tons of cheering crowds. Every pub was full to the rafters with no hope of getting in let alone getting served. The boys were resinged to the fact that the only way they were having a beer was by purchasing some and drinking them on the roadside, soaking up the atmosphere before attending the big game. Luckily, West Ham won 2-1 - literally scoring the second goal with minutes to spare! I was very happy, not just because I knew it would have made Patrick's year so far but because I knew that I was getting a happy hammer home that evening!

That evening, I was catching up with Nicola upstairs in her flat when I got a very suprisingly sober text from Patrick advising he was on his way home. The pubs were so busy that chances of getting served were pretty slim therefore he returned home in a reasonable state and able to string a sentence together!
He was a bit disappointed as he had wanted to celebrate his team being back in the premier league but as I pointed out, the great thing about coming home sober is that he had come home with every memory of an epic day.

It's back to reality today as Patrick visits the fracture clinic regarding his shoulder. We went to the Physio last Thursday only to be told after a while that he probably should have gone to the fracture clinic first seeing as he dislocated his shoulder when he fell. That way they could assess the damage and then he could go to Physio. What fun! Hopefully today's appointment will be more successful than that one then. It seems the nurse we had been dealing with when he first went in had made a couple of mistakes including putting him in the wrong sling causing him a lot of discomfort. He spent two hours up in A&E again on Friday night while I prepared dinner, just to get the correct sling put on!
I really hope he get's better soon!

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