Thursday, 3 May 2012

Dr. Feelgood!

This stuff from Benefit is AMAZING!! Dr. Feelgood: It can be used as primer under make up, used over make up or as a touch up during the day. It can also be worn alone if you haven't got time for make up but want to add a quick glow to your skin. It also has Vitamin C in it so gives your skin a flawless look and, listen to me go on! you would think I was a spokesperson for Benefit (happy to be in return for gifts by the way?).  I love make up though and love great beauty buys so just have to share especially as this retails at £21.50 and I got it off of Ebay brand new for just £8! Yep, good old would think I were a spokesperson for them too! Anyway, I was very happy when this popped through the door not twenty minutes ago. Especially as it's so much later than the post usually arrives, I assumed I would be getting it tomorrow now instead.
Worth an invest ladies...especially if you look on Ebay. Make sure it is a good honest seller though with good feedback so you know when they say it's genuine, it actually is.

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